Sunday, 24 September 2017

Baby metrics in a frame for little Jaś


How is your weekend going? :) Mine as usual very creative! :) I had few of this baby metrics to do recently and to be honest I really enjoy making them! They are always so cute! and as usual I'm always struggling with choosing the paper for it! I mean very often there is a request for certain colours and very, very often these are particular 2-3 colours. Always the same (at least for boys metrics) white, blue and gray. Sometimes with green. And don't get me wrong not that I don't like these colours- I really do, but.... I hate to do similar projects. I love and want it to be unique every time! Sometimes its a wee bit harder but I'm actually really proud of each and every one of the metrics in a frame I've made :). 

So today let me present beautiful metrics in a frame for little Jaś. And before you ask- yes, few colours have been requested. And guess what? they were.... white, blue, gray and green! :) (surprised? :D)

To make this frame I've used beautiful papers I've bought recently from Crafty moly. Plain white, pearled blue and eco paper are from Paperconcept. I've also used alphabet flags cutting die from Craft Passion, stitched nested squares from Crealies and cute nested clouds from Joy! crafts.

Let me know what do you think!